Anelis Assumpção

Anelis Assumpção

Anelis Assumpção e os Amigos Imaginários
Anelis Assumpção - vocals
Cris Scabello - electric guitar
Lelena Anhaia - electric guitar
Edy Trombone - trombone
Mauricio Fleury - keyboards
Mau Pregnolatto - bass
Bruno Buarque - drums

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Anelis Assumpção is a Brazilian singer-songwriter who mashes Brazilian and rhythms such as dub, reggae, afrobeat in her music.
She is the daughter of Itamar Assumpção, an iconic figure in Brazilian music and a songwriter and singer vital to São Paulo's alternative music scene of the '70s and '80s.
Her debut album, Sou Suspeita, Estou Sujeita, Não Sou Santa (2011), released both in CD and LP, has received positive reviews the world all over and brought her to the main stages of Brazil and Portugal.
In 2014 she released a new album, Anelis Assumpção e os Amigos Imaginários, which was an instant success with hundreds of thousands of plays on streaming platforms within the first month of release. The album was mixed by New York dub master Victor Rice and includes special guests such as Ceu, Kiko Dinucci and other musicians that shape São Paulo's new music scene.
She sings in English, Portuguese and Spanish, mostly about her urban life in a megalopolis like São Paulo.
Anelis Assumpção has received the Deezer Prize for best new artist in 2014.

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