Joe Bowie

AKAMU representation: european exclusive
For info and costs please contact Kateryna Lysyuchenko

BBRT: "New Language"
Joe Bowie - vocal, trombone, congas and electronics
Jean-Paul Bourelly - vocals, electric guitar, organ and electronics
Jamaladeen Tacuma - electric bass
Gea Russell - DJ, electronics and visuals

Defunkt nEU Soul
Joe Bowie - vocals, trombone and percussion
Emma Lamadji - vocals
Rocco Zifarelli - electric guitar
Michael Lecoq - keyboards
Linley Marthe - electric bass
Jon Grandcamp - drums

Defunkt Millennium
Joe Bowie - lead vocals, trombone and percussion
Vincent Brijs - baritone sax and background vocals
Adam Klipple - keyboards and background vocals
Kim Clarke - electric bass and background vocals
Tobias Ralph - drums and background vocals

Joe Bowie - trombone, electronics, vocal, harmonica, congas, djembe, percussion
Adam Rudoph - handrumset, congas, djembe, tarija, frame drum, thumb pianos, gongs, percussion and mulitphonic singing, sintir, piano

Allergy for the U.S. featuring Mr. Defunkt - Joe Bowie
Joe Bowie - trombone, vocals
Saskia Laroo - trumpet, vocals
Warren Byrd - trumpet, vocals
tba - bass
Sin Bonavich - drums

XL Target featuring Mr. Defunkt - Joe Bowie
Joe Bowie - trombone, electronics, vocal, harmonica, congas, djembe, percussion
Dave Doran - drums, programs
Christy Doran - guitar, effects

Joe Bowie's Big Band Funk (Defunkt Big Band)
17 piece local big band. A "life time" dream of Joe was to arrange the music of Defunkt into Big Band style. Joe works with Universities, professional and youth big bands throughout the world performing this music in a residency situation. Charts, scores, videos and mp3 samples for 17 piece big band are sent up 1 month in advance so that the musicians may prepare for the 3 day rehearsal with Joseph Bowie, where they will fully engage in the style, focus and high energy of this music. A female vocalist & background singers required to perform with the ensemble. The Orchestra's conductor is very important to maintain the integrity of the performance while Joseph is performing - vocals/percussion/trombone.

Joe Bowie's Funk Shop (a workshop)
FunkShop is designed for smaller groups/combos, up to 10 musicians.
Keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, horn players, drummers, and vocalists are formed into a funk/rock/pop unit.
Joe uses innovative methods of group training including Tai Chi, Breathing Exercises, vocal and timing training and also djembe drums to instill rhythmic understanding to all instrumentalists.
All musicians must have a good understanding of rhythm and timing to function effectively and unselfishly in a group.
The concept of Group is foremost. Several original songs are constructed. All songs are learned and memorized by "ear".
This is a lost technique in educational curriculums but very important in popular funk & pop music performance.
Only after songs are learned and memorized perfectly, are they written down for documentation.
The workshop ends in a performance of the original works in a "live performance setting".

Film and Duet Concert
Joe Bowie - trombone with effects
Ernst Glerum - double bass
Film Islands of the Soul showing with Duet Concert from musicians on the soundtrack. Islands of the Soul is a documentary by Robin van Erven Dorens on the life and work of artist Hilarius Hofstede

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