Anthony Davis

Concerning Tania: Reflections on Recording & Performance
A documentary about the staging and recording of a "concert version" of Anthony Davis' acclaimed opera.
Anthony Davis talks about "Tania" based on the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, and premiered in Philadelphia in 1992.
The CD was recorded at UCSD in April 1999 and released in October 2001.

"Lilith": The Complete Performance of World Premiere

"Lilith": The Preview Clip
A 2 minutes excerpt from the world premiere of "Lilith.

Making "Lilith": a documentary.
The performers and artistic team behind "Lilith" discuss the creation and evolution of this world premiere opera, based on Allan Havis' play of the same name.

Talking "Lilith": the creators
Librettist Allan Havis and composer Anthony Davis discuss the creation of "Lilith," a world premiere operatic adaptation of Havis' play of the same name. Set in both biblical times and present-day New York, "Lilith" places Adam's legendary first wife at the center of a devious parable about marriage and sexual politics.

What Creativity Means: Anthony Davis & Friends
Composer Anthony Davis discusses the influences which have shaped his work in contemporary jazz and opera.
He is joined by singers Thomas Young and Cynthia Aronson-Davis in performing excerpts from his operas.

The Life and Times of Malcolm X
Marking the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X, New York City Opera, in collaboration with Opera Noire of New York, will present an abridged concert version of The Life and Times of Malcolm X, the brilliant and ground-breaking opera about the great civil rights leader which premiered at City Opera in 1986.
Composer Anthony Davis and scenarist Christopher Davis will offer insights on their inspiration and creative process.
New York City Opera’s collaboration with the Schomburg Center is part of Opera Matters, the company’s series of events combining conversation, media and live music to celebrate opera’s connections to the visual arts, film, literature, the mass media and pop culture, the African-American experience and the world at large.
Curated by City Opera's dramaturge Cori Ellison, Opera Matters brings together prominent artists, scholars and celebrities from diverse artistic and cultural communities to reveal opera’s vital place in today’s culture.

Lear on the 2nd Floor
Composed by Anthony Davis with a libretto by playwright Allan Havis, "Lear on the 2nd Floor" is a contemporary take on Shakespeare's "King Lear".
It tells the story of Nora Lear, a neuroscience researcher suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's.
As Nora loses her bearings and autonomy, she is increasingly at the mercy of her three quarreling daughters.
In this version, Nora's dead husband Mortimer is Shakespeare's fool and her constant companion, as she wanders through a world where past and present blend and reality bends.
Davis's music incorporates diverse styles and influences, ranging from classical opera to jazz to reggae.

AKAMU - Anthony Davis
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