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• projects as a leader •

Claudio Fasoli Quintet
Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano saxes
Michael Gassmann - flugelhorns
Michelangelo Decorato - piano
Andrea Lamacchia - double bass
Marco Zanoli - drums

Claudio Fasoli Quartet
Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano saxes
Simone Massaron - electric guitar & electronics
Tito Mangialajo Rantzer - double bass
TBC - drums

Claudio Fasoli Trio
Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano saxes
Michele Calgaro - electric guitar
Gianni Bertoncini - drums & electronics

Claudio Fasoli - Paolo Birro
Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano saxes
Paolo Birro - piano

Claudio Fasoli - Matt Mitchell
Claudio Fasoli - tenor & soprano saxes
Matt Mitchell - piano

Claudio Fasoli Solo Performance
Claudio Fasoli - tenor sax, soprano sax &

• video •

"Claudio Fasoli Four" special guest Alex Sipiagin Live Recorded at "Centro Culturale Candiani", Mestre (Italy) on May 2013

Claudio Fasoli Samadhi Quartet - "Magia Silenziosa" (C. Fasoli) Live recording at "Casa del jazz" - Roma (4-9-2020)

• biography •

Claudio Fasoli is a jazz composer, saxophone player, educator and photographer.
Born in Venice, he now lives in Milan, Italy. After a long apprenticeship and many sessions with various prominent musicians, he achieved popularity in the '70s playing with PERIGEO QUINTET, among whose other artists were Giovanni Tommaso and Franco D'Andrea. This group performed throughout Europe and also overseas, and with it Fasoli gained considerable experience both as soloist and composer.Trios and quartets with great names of jazzWhen Perigeo disbanded in 1978, he became leader of his own groups, putting together mostly trios or quartets. Some of the great names of the european and international jazz scene have played in these groups. For example: Henri Texier, Lee Konitz, Jean-François Jenny Clark, Aldo Romano, Kenny Wheeler, Manfred Schoof, Palle Danielsson, Bobo Stenson, Tony Oxley, Bill Elgart, Mick Goodrick etc. He introduced his own compositions in concerts and festivals around the world, creating also a remarkable discography.

He played in the first performances of the "Grande Orchestra Nazionale" in Italy and in the Lydian Sound Orchestra. He has also participated with and conducted the European Music Orchestra in live and studio performances and has played with the Manfred Schoof International Band. He contributed also to the Giorgio Gaslini Quintet and other bands. Identity Fasoli adapts well to various musical settings but has developed his own solo style and a recognizable , always-developing, sound and compositional approach. Acclaimed even abroad, he continues to work with the best italian and foreign musicians. The Educator since the Siena International Jazz Clinics was founded in 1978, Fasoli has been responsible for the classes in Tenor and Soprano Saxophones and the master classes in improvisation. He founded the Saxophone Courses at the city of Milan's Civic School of Jazz and has taught Jazz at National Conservatories. He conducts Clinics throughout Italy and abroad. He has been Artistic Director of Padua Jazz Festival (2003-2010).
His name appears in Music and Jazz Dictionaries in Italy and abroad.

Further information: "Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz" by Leonard Feather & Ira Gitler (Oxford University Press 2007)

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