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• projects as a leader/co-leader •

Decoy Trio + special guest Joe McPhee
Alexander Hawkins - hammond b3 organ
John Edwards - double bass
Steve Noble - drums
+ Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet, soprano sax and tenor sax

Louis Moholo-Moholo - Alexander Hawkins
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums and percussion

The Convergence Quartet
Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Dominic Lash - double bass
Harris Eisenstatd - drums

• projects as a sideman •

Louis Moholo-Moholo "5 Blokes"
Jason Yarde - soprano, alto and baritone saxes
Shabaka Hutchings - tenor sax
Alexander Hawkins - piano
John Edwards - double bass
Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums

Wayne Horvitz European Orchestra
Wayne Horvitz - conduction and composition
Luca Calabrese - trumpet
Eric Boeren - trumpet
Alex Ward - clarinet and guitar
Massimiliano Milesi - soprano sax
Silke Eberhard - alto sax
Edoardo Marraffa - tenor sax
John Dikeman - baritone sax
Gerhard Gschlößl - trombone
Sebi Tramontana - trombone
Alexander Hawkins - piano
Danilo Gallo - double bass
Zeno de Rossi - drums

• video •

Video of Alexander Hawkins on YouTube

• biography •

Alexander Hawkins is a composer, pianist, organist, and bandleader who is "unlike anything else in modern creative music" (Ni Kantu) and whose recent work has reached a "dazzling new apex" (Downbeat). Self-taught, he works in a vast array of creative contexts. His own highly distinctive soundworld is forged through the search to reconcile both his love of free improvisation and profound fascination with composition and structure.
In 2012, was chosen as a member of the first edition of the London Symphony Orchestra's "Soundhub" scheme for young composers. He also received a major BBC commission in late 2012 for a fifty minute composition: One Tree Found was first performed in February 2013, and first broadcast in March 2013; and subsequently performed and rerecorded for the WDR in Germany in early 2014. Of the work, The Arts Desk wrote that "it's difficult to think of an experimental, contemporary piece more suffused with the ecstasy of musical revelation." He was also commissioned as part of the celebrations for the 21st edition of the London Jazz Festival. His writing for his own regular groups has been said to represent "a fundamental reassertion of composition within improvised music" (Point of Departure).
Hawkins main vehicles as a leader are his Ensemble and Trio. One review of the Ensemble's debut record, No Now Is So (FMR Records), wrote of "such absolute joy and strength... an incredible record" (Clifford Allen, Bagatellen). The album featured heavily in top ten albums of 2009 lists on both sides of the Atlantic. The group's second album, all there, ever out, has been said to mark them out as one of the "most vividly distinctive [groups] in modern jazz" (The Jazzmann). Step Wide, Step Deep, released in late 2013, documents the latest chapter in the group's development, and "stops at nothing to deliver both compositional and free jazz which may challenge, astonish and/or delight" (London Jazz News).
The eponymous debut album of the Alexander Hawkins Trio was released in early 2015. The group caused Ivan Hewitt to remark in The Telegraph that "[i]f Hawkins really is the future of jazz pianism, the future looks bright".
Hawkins also appears as a solo pianist; a setting in which he "improvises with the strength and conviction that come from combining an advanced technique with a teeming imagination" (John Fordham, The Guardian). Song Singular, his first solo piano recording, is available on the Babel Label.
Alexander Hawkins also co-leads The Convergence Quartet and Decoy. The former also features American Taylor Ho Bynum, Canadian Harris Eisenstadt, and Dominic Lash from the UK. Their four albums - Live in Oxford (FMR Records, 2007), Song/Dance (Clean Feed, 2010), Slow and Steady (NoBusiness, 2013) and Owl Jacket (Nobusiness, 2015) - have all been enthusiastically reviewed throughout the UK, Europe, and North America, evincing "a sustained sense of open-mouthed surprise" (BBC Music). A fourth album, a studio recording, will be released in March 2014.
Decoy - a trio in which Hawkins plays Hammond Organ - "redefine the words 'shock and awe'" (Jazzwise). The Guardian's John Fordham highlighted potential for a "cult following"; while critic Brian Morton recently commented that "[t]he most interesting Hammond player of the last decade and more, [Hawkins] has already extended what can be done on the instrument".
An in-demand sideman, Hawkins continues to be heard with vast array of contemporary leaders, such as Evan Parker, Joe McPhee, Marshall Allen, and Mulatu Astatke.
He has also been noted in recent years for his performances in the bands of legendary South African drummer, Louis Moholo-Moholo. A duo album, "Keep Your Heart Straight", was released on the Ogun label in October 2012, and has been called "a classic in waiting" (John Eyles).
Concert appearances have taken him to club, concert and festival stages worldwide. His music has been broadcast extensively on BBC Radio, as well as in Europe and beyond. National Public Radio in the United States featured him in a 2010 "5 Young British Jazz Artists to Watch" piece, whilst he also appeared on France Musique as one of five artists representing "la nouvelle vague du jazz anglais." He also appears regularly both as a specialist interviewer and interviewee for the BBC.

• interviews •

interview with Alexander Hawkins - Eartrip Magazine

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