Gabriele Mitelli

                (photo by Vera Marmelo)

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• projects •

STAR SPLITTER (Gabriele Mitelli - Rob Mazurek)
Gabriele Mitelli - cornet, soprano sax, alto flugelhorn, electronics, objects, voice
Rob Mazurek - piccolo trumpet, electronics, objects, voice

Gabriele Mitelli European Quartet
Gabriele Mitelli - cornet, soprano sax, voice, percussion
Alexander Hawkins - piano, objects
John Edwards - double bass
Mark Sanders - drums

Gabriele Mitelli European Galactic Orchestra
Gabriele Mitelli - cornet, direction
Cristophe Rocher - clarinets
Nino Locatelli - clarinets
Pierre Borel - alto sax
Tobias Delius - tenor sax
Sebi Tramontana - trombone
Per-Ake Holmlander - tuba
Christelle Séry - guitar
Luca Tilli - cello
Alexander Hawkins - piano
John Edwards - double bass
Cristiano Calcagnile - drums

• recent releases •

STAR SPLITTER (Gabriele Mitelli - Rob Mazurek), Star Gaze Night (Clean Feed Records 2019)
Listen to Star Gaze Night
Giornale della musica review by Enrico Bettinello
Squidco review

• watch •

STAR SPLITTER, excerpt from Sant'Anna Arresi Festival 2018/1
STAR SPLITTER, excerpt from Sant'Anna Arresi Festival 2018/2
Gabriele Mitelli European Quartet, live concert at JAZZMI 2018

• about the groups •

Facing each other. No filters, no mediations. Through mirrors and mutual recalls, constantly walking the tightrope. Rob Mazurek and Gabriele Mitelli: trumpeters who are not just trumpeters, musicians who made the 'beyond' and the 'elsewhere' their way of life. Mazurek, a revered master. At the heart of the Chicago scene for almost two decades now, catalyst of energies, tireless experimenter and focal point between the dancing legacy of Sun Ra and the uncompromising impulses of the most non-aligned (post-)rock, between the lesson of Bill Dixon and the majestic path of the AACM generation. Mitelli, young and wayward, instinctive and courageous in rushing headlong into the less comfortable situations and the most unlikely contexts. They had to meet one day. It's about affinity and consonance. A matter of life. A matter of music.

About Gabriele Mitelli European Quartet:
Gabriele Mitelli's new "European" Quartet has a clear mission statement: to distance itself from cliché, and to take the path less traveled. The music is a journey to the heart of improvisation, where jazz is once again a gamble - an edgy practice where risk-taking is central to progress. Mitelli's bandmates are three great English musicians, for whom noise and revolt are a way of life: pianist Alexander Hawkins (who already shares an unconventional duo with Mitelli), bassist John Edwards, and drummer Mark Sanders. All three are tireless experimenters, who have played in various combinations alongside the likes of Evan Parker, Roscoe Mitchell, Sunny Murray, Peter Brötzmann, Louis Moholo-Moholo, and Wadada Leo Smith: collaborations which speak of courage and freedom, integrity and commitment. Brace yourselves: there is a whole world to discover here.

About Gabriele Mitelli European Galactic Orchestra:
New European Improvisers' Orchestra directed by Gabriele Mitelli, available from September 2020. More details soon!

AKAMU - Gabriele Mitelli
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