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Ches Smith

Picture by Federico Zavagnin

AKAMU representation: European exclusivity
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• projects as a leader/co-leader •

Ches Smith's Congs for Brums

Ches Smith - drums, vibraphone and electronics

Ches Smith - Craig Taborn - Mat Maneri

Mat Maneri - viola
Craig Taborn - piano
Ches Smith - drums, vibraphone and composition

Ches Smith Quartet

Liberty Ellman - guitar
Mary Halvorson - electric guitar
Nick Dunston - bass
Ches Smith - drums, electronics and composition

We All Break - a meeting of Haitian Voodou and Creative Music

Sirene Dantor Rene - lead vocals
Tossie Long - lead vocals
Lalin St. Juste - lead vocals
Miguel Zenón - alto saxophone
Matt Mitchell - piano
Nick Dunston - double bass
Daniel Brevil - haitian tanbou, vocals and lyrics
Markus Schwartz - haitian tanbou, vocals
"Fanfan" Jean-Guy Rene - haitian tanbou, vocals
Ches Smith - drums, percussion, vocals and composition

A mix of both original (by Daniel Brevil) and traditional Voodou songs with original composition (by Ches Smith).

• projects as a sideman •

Elliott Sharp Aggregat Trio

Elliott Sharp - electric guitar and reeds
Brad Jones - double bass
Ches Smith - drums and glockenspiel

Jason Robinson's Janus Ensemble: Tiresian Simmetry

Jason Robinson - tenor sax, alto flute and soprano sax
JD Parran - clarinets, contrabass clarinet, tenor sax and flutes
Marty Ehrlich - alto sax, clarinet and flute
Marcus Rojas - tuba
Bill Lowe - tuba and bass trombone
Liberty Ellman - guitar
Drew Gress - double bass
George Schuller - drums
Ches Smith - drums and glockenspiel

• videos •

We All Break - an award-winning filmmaker Mimi Chakarova's 50-minute film showcasing the collaborative process during the making of the album Path of Seven Colors

Ches Smith's "We All Break" at Música en el CCK II - Canal Encuentro (2019)

Ches Smith - Mat Maneri - Craig Taborn: "Wacken Open Air" - Live @ Sons d'Hiver (January 30th, 2018)

Ches Smith & These Arches "This Might Be A Fade Out" @ Jazzhouse - Copenhagen (April 12th 2013)

Ches Smith & These Arches "Hammered" @ Radar - Aarhus (August 11th 2013) 8/8

Ches Smith & These Arches "Hammered" @ Barbes (August 15th 2012) 8/8

Ches Smith & These Arches "Wilson Phillip" @ Barbes (August 15th 2012) 2/8

Ches Smith & These Arches "Frisner" @ Barbes (August 15th 2012) 1/8

"Congs for Brums" @ Tourcoing (June 6th 2010) 3/3

Ches Smith drum solo 1 - Mary Halvorson Trio, De Singel, Antwerpen, October 3, 2012

Ches Smith drum solo 2 - Mary Halvorson Trio, De Singel, Antwerpen, October 3, 2012

• discography, biography, interviews, reviews and quotes •

Interviw for (in portuguese)

Q&A: Ches Smith on Village Voice

review Path of Seven Colors by Vic Albani on All About Jazz (in italian)


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