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Romulo Fróes

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Romulo Fróes - vocals and acoustic guitar
Rodrigo Campos - vocals, acoustic guitar, cavaquinho and percussion
Thiago França - saxes and flute
Marcelo Cabral - double bass

Elefante on Spotify

Rodrigo Campos and Romulo Froes have been artistic partners for more than ten years, yet it is the first time they release an album signed by both their names.
Elefante, is a record that focuses on enlargement of time, in which the camera points to the kettle releasing steam on the stove, instead of the protagonist's face.
The slowness and the emptiness as aesthetic principals, the cope with existential struggle as a philosophical virtue.
Guitar, voice, repique de anel, bissextile cavaquinho, throaty double-bass, first take sax, random warm voice of a woman: "the path of exile is empty of hallucination"", thinks the elephant, when he walks away from the herd to die peacefully, with dignity.
In the record and live show, musicians Marcelo Cabral and Thiago França join the band.

Passo Torto's Passo Elétrico

Romulo Fróes - vocals and acoustic guitar
Kiko Dinucci - vocals and electric guitar
Rodrigo Campos - vocals, electric guitar and cavaquinho
Marcelo Cabral - vocals and double bass

Passo Torto on Soundcloud

Musicians and composers Kiko Dinucci, Marcelo Cabral, Rodrigo Campos and Romulo Froes release Passo Elétrico, second album by project Passo Torto. If in their first album they privileged acustica instruments, now, as announced by the title, the new record looks for new textures.
The new line up includes electric guitars, lead by Kiko Dinucci and Rodrigo Campos, who keeps the cavaquinho but process it with pedals and effects. Pedals are also featured in Marcelo Cabal's acoustic bass.
Once again there are not percussive instruments, substituted by the rhythmic architecture of string instruments.
Passo Torto's feature of having harmonic construction given by every different melodic voice of each instrument is even more developed in Passo Elétrico, with its polyphonic canvas that makes id difficult to identify each song's chord.
This Polyphony produces a rhythmic tension that makes songs float over a not very clear pulsation, hidden by distortions, textures and noise built within the arrangements.
As in Passo Torto's previous records lyrics keep flirting with Sao Paulo and its characters, in Passo eletrico the same relationships shows itself in a critical and unsatisfied, questioning the disoriented transformation of the city and its consequences in each citizen's life.

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Live @ Casa de Francisca (2023)

Romulo Fróes no Cultura Livre (2018)

Romulo Fróes no Cultura Livre (2014)

Romulo Fróes no Cultura Livre (Bônus) (2014)

"Agora é Minha Voz" - Video Compilation (2014)

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Singer, composer and producer from São Paulo, Brasil, Romulo Fróes is one of the most important representative of the independent Brazilian music scene.
He has released eleven solo albums: Calado (2004), Cão (2006), No Chão Sem O Chão (2009), Um Labirinto Em Cada Pé (2011), Barulho Feio (2014), Por Elas Sem Elas (2015), Rei Vadio_ As Canções de Nelson Cavaquinho (2016), O Disco Das Horas (2018), Aquele Nenhum (2021), Ó Nóis (2021) e gagágogó (2022).
With band Passo Torto, where he's joined by Kiko Dinucci, Rodrigo Campos and Marcelo Cabral he recorded three albums: Passo Torto (2011), Passo Elétrico (2013), both awarded in Prêmio da Música Brasileira, and Thiago França (2015), in which the band collaborated with singer Ná Ozzetti.
Romulo also worked together with singer and composer César Lacerda on the album O Meu Nome É Qualquer Um (2016), singer and composer Tiago Rossas on album Na Goela (2023), as well as releasing Elefante (2023) with singer and composer Rodrigo Campos.
He has published critical texts about Brazilian music in many different press vehicles, participated in documentaries and movie soundtracks. He is a renown musical curator and has directed and produced albums of many prestigious Brazilian artists such as Elza Soares, Jards Macalé, Benito Di Paula, Rodrigo Campos, Juliana Perdigão, Clima, Rodrigo Vellozo, Morris, Guilherme Held, Pipo Pegoraro, Anna Vis e Cacá Machado. Besides already mentioned Elza Soares, Ná Ozzetti and Juliana Perdigão, his compositions were recorded by many other important singers like Juçara Marçal, Nina Becker, Jussara Silveira, Mariana Aydar, Mona Gadelha, Laura Aufranc, Tika, Anna Vis, among others.


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