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João Bosco Quarteto
João Bosco - vocals, guitar and composition
Ricardo Silveira - electric guitar
Joao Baptista - bass
Kiko Freitas - drums
also available with Special Guest
Hamilton de Holanda - 10 strings mandolin

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João Bosco: Obrigado, Gente! - live at Auditorio Iribapuera - Sćo Paulo on February 15-16, 2006

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Joćo Bosco de Freitas Mucci, better known as Joćo Bosco is a noted Brazilian singer-songwriter with a distinctive style as a guitarist.

In the 1970s he established his reputation in Mśsica Popular Brasileira alongside collaborator lyricist Aldir Blanc.
Born on July 13, 1946, in Ponte Nova, Minas Gerais, Joćo Bosco's profession was engineering when he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where his songs were also recorded by Elis Regina and were a success.
He soon became admired as a versatile vocalist and a dynamic performer. Joćo Bosco has been noted for "his singular fusion of Arab culture, Afro-American music and Brazilian styles bossa nova", influenced by American jazz.
In the introduction to his three-volume Songbook, Almir Chediak observes, "Brilliant composer Joćo Bosco's melodic and harmonic constructions are among the most auspicious in Brazilian music".
Chapter Five of Masters of Contemporary Brazilian Song MPB 1965-1985 by Charles A. Perrone (U Texas P 1989) is dedicated to the work of Bosco and Blanc.
His father was Lebanese.

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