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As a leader/co-leader:

Marty Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales
Marty Ehrlich - saxes, clarinet, flute and composition
James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax
Brad Jones - double bass
Tomas Fujiwara - drums

Ray Anderson / Marty Ehrlich Quartet
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Ray Anderson - trombone
Brad Jones - double bass
Matt Wilson - drums

Marty Ehrlich & Duende Strings
Marty Ehrlich - saxes, clarinet and flute
Mark Feldman or Carla Kihlstedt - violin
Mat Maneri - viola
Erik Friedlander - cello

Marty Ehrlich's Rites Quartet
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Ron Horton - trumpet
Michael Formanek - double bass
Michael Sarin - drums

Marty Ehrlich Trio Exaltation: Andrew Hill and More
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
John Hébert - double bass
Nasheet Waits - drums

Marty Ehrlich - Anthony Coleman - Gerry Hemingway
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Anthony Coleman - piano
Gerry Hemingway - drums

Marty Ehrlich - Michael Formanek
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Michael Formanek - double bass

The Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble: A Trumpet in the Morning
Marty Ehrlich - conductor
J.D. Parran - narrator, soprano and bass sax
E.J. Allen - trumpet
James Zollar - trumpet
Ron Horton - trumpet
Andy Laster - alto sax
Robert DeBellis - alto and soprano sax, clarinet
Jason Robinson - tenor sax
Adam Kolker - tenor sax, clarinet
Lisa Parrott - baritone sax, bass clarinet
John Clark - french horn
Ray Anderson - trombone
Michael Dessen - trombone
Jerome Harris - guitar, slide guitar
James Weidman - piano
Drew Gress - double bass
Matt Wilson - drums

This is the most ambitious recording I have done to date as a composer. These compositions, written over a twenty-year period, receive wonderful performances from these A-list musicians, many of whom I have worked with for thirty years and more. Each piece approaches the jazz orchestra in different ways. The music on this recording presents the fullest range yet of my creative passions. Marty Ehrlich

A Trumpet in the Morning could be available also with a mix of local musicians + some soloists internationally well known
or a workshop with students (Marty Ehrlich will send the scores in advance).

As a sideman:

New York Composers Orchestra
Ron Miles - trumpet
Steven Bernstein
Briggan Krauss - alto sax
Marty Ehrlich - reeds
Doug Wieselman - reeds
Tom Varner or Vincent Chancey - french horn
Curtis Fowlkes - trombone
Robin Holcomb - piano and conducting
Wayne Horvitz - keyboards and conductor
Lindsey Horner - double bass
Bobby Previte - drums

Jason Robinson's Janus Ensemble: Tiresian Simmetry
Jason Robinson - tenor sax, alto flute and soprano sax
JD Parran - clarinets, contrabass clarinet, tenor sax and flutes
Marty Ehrlich - alto sax, clarinet and flute
Marcus Rojas - tuba
Bill Lowe - tuba and bass trombone
Liberty Ellman - guitar
Drew Gress - double bass
George Schuller - drums
Ches Smith - drums and glockenspiel

Jason Robinson's Janus Quintet: The Two Faces of Janus
Jason Robinson - tenor sax, alto flute and soprano sax
Marty Ehrlich - alto sax, bass clarinet
Liberty Ellman - guitar
Drew Gress - double bass
George Schuller - drums

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Review on "Jazz da Gama" of A Trumpet in the Morning by Raul da Gama (17-2-2014)

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Discography of Marty Ehrlich by Patrice Roussel

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