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• projects as a leader •

A Gata Cafe
Toninho Ferragutti - accordion
Cássio Ferreira - sax
Cléber Almeida - drums
Thiago Espírito Santo - bass
Vinícius Gomes - guitars

• video •

"O Sorriso da Manu" recorded on June 2012 on Teatro FECAP (São Paulo, SP)

• press review •

Toninho's creative voice is simply divine - melodically, rhythmically and harmonically. Tom's a deeply gifted and creative soul.
American composer Maria Schneider

... a singular player with his own personality and unique sound, who has practically reinvented the instrument.
Maria Luiza Kfouri, Music News (Brazil)

Toninho is one of the best accordionists in the world, and not only plays well but has good taste.
Hermeto Pascoal

In great demand by other artists, Toninho is the most important name in modern Brazilian accordion. He is an improviser of amazing fluency, and as a composer, creates incredible sophistication from simple ideas.
Nelson Ayres

... with his instrument, Toninho Ferragutti reveals his soul and identity. He celebrates in the accordion the expression of his feelings, turning what he feels into sounds with clear meaning, like words. A virtuoso musician ...
Aquiles Rique Reis, columnist for Coluna do Aquiles (Brazil)

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