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Virgínia Rodrigues: "Mama Kalunga" (sextet)
Virgínia Rodrigues - vocals
Bernardo Bosisio - acoustic guitar
Leonardo Mendes - acoustic guitar
Iura Ranevsky - cello
Sebastian Notini - percussion
Marco Lobo - percussion

Virgínia Rodrigues: "Mama Kalunga" (quartet)
Virgínia Rodrigues - vocals
Leonardo Mendes - acoustic guitar
Iura Ranevsky - cello
Marco Lobo - percussion

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Virgínia Rodrigues realized her fifth album, Mama Kalunga, committed to African matrices and resonances of the black diaspora, in a proper, contemporary and direct reading of a complex and multifaceted legacy.
The repertoire consists of a relevant visit to Abigail Moura, including composers such as Geraldo Filme, Moacir Santos, Nei Lopes, Paulinho da Viola, Roberto Mendes, Nizaldo Costa, Ederaldo Gentil and the contemporaries Gilson Nascimento and Tiganá Santana.
Mama Kalunga travels by various meanings of that force (Kalunga) so dear to certain Bantu civilizations of the African continent.
Kalunga is the most autonomous vital energy that derives from itself. It's the world of ancestry, it's sea, it's infinity, it's the place of reason or first "occupation" of being. Here one tends to wear this force with a feminine body - one that generates, creates, thinks, conceives.

• video •

"Senhor do Fogo Azul" - ao vivo

"Vá Cuidar de Sua Vida" - ao vivo - Partic. especial BNegão

"Sou eu" - ao vivo - Partic. especial Tiganá Santana

"Yaya Zumba" - ao vivo - Virgínia Rodrigues

"Mama Kalunga" - full album

"Mama Kalunga" - Métropolis - Cmais TVCultura (5-5-2015)

• interviews, texts and quotes •

Entrevista com Virgínia Rodrigues - no Saraiva Conteúdo (5-1-2011)

• discography •

1997 - Sol Negro
2000 - Nós
2004 - Mares Profundos
2008 - Recomeço
2015 - Mama Kalunga

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