Simona Severini

Simona Severini - photo by Ambra Parola

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Simona Severini
Simona Severini - vocals and acoustic guitar

After some experiences in music and theater, she has decided to start "singing alone". With guitar and vocals she played a Umbria Jazz, London Jazz Festival, JazzMi, Paris Jazz Vocal and others.

Enrico Pieranunzi with Simona Severini
in collaboration with International Music and Arts
Simona Severini - vocals
Enrico Pieranunzi - piano and composition

Enrico Pieranunzi's almost ten-year collaboration with Simona Severini has given precious fruits starting from "Futura", their first duo recording, (included in the CD "Dalla in Jazz") until the recent "Time's Passage", in which the young Milanese sings beautifully various songs by Pieranunzi. A duo whose elegance and intense interplay produce top class music, beyond genres.

Simona Severini - vocals and acoustic guitar
Daniele Richiedei - violin, viola and vocals
Giulio Corini - double bass and vocals
also available with:
Fulvio Sigurtà - trumpet

Fedra is a group with a creative approach to music, free from genres. The musicians explore a repertoire that spans nearly 500 years of history of music: from Monteverdi to italian songwriter Lucio Dalla, from Duke Ellington to Nick Drake. Their range goes from arias and songs with moments of free improvisation, with a minimal arrangements that show the songs under a new light highlighting its melodic strength.

• videos •

"Nuit d'etoiles" - from "Monsieur Claude. A Travel with Claude Debussy" by Enrico Pieranunzi (9-3-2018)

"My Heart In A Song" by Enrico Pieranunzi feat. Simona Severini (22-1-2016)

Enrico Pieranunzi & Simona Severini - at JazzUp (Viterbo 3-7-2016)

"Maledetto sia l'aspetto" by Claudio Monteverdi, 1632 (17-1-2017)

"Piccola Elsa" - Audizioni live di Musicultura 2017 (22-2-2017)

"Futura" by Lucio Dalla - Stanglerhof Buschenschank (22-5-2018)

"L'Adieu" by Apollinaire/Pieranunzi by Enrico Pieranunzi Trio (31-5-2018)

"Futura" - il Quirinale per la Giornata internazionale della Donna (8-3-2019)

"Valse pour Apollinaire" by Enrico Pieranunzi Jazz Ensemble (25/26-5-2019)

Fedra - I concerti del Quirinale alla Cappella Paolina (25/26-5-2019)

"Futuro" - il silenzio del cantautore (10-11-2019)

"Ipotesi" (1-7-2020)

"Una mano sugli occhi" - Facebook (3-8-2020)

"Green Voice" - Milano Green Forum (15-12-2021)

• audios •

"Premier Moment" - from "My Songbook" by Enrico Pieranunzi with Simona Severini (27-6-2011)

"I can't make you love me" - from "Ipotesi"

Fedra Trio: "Si dolce è 'l tormento" by Claudio Monteverdi (30-5-2021)

"Il coyote" by Lucio Dalla/Roberto Roversi (16-3-2016)


• interviews •

Portrait in jazz - Jazzit TV (2011)

Intervista per Il Termopolio (21-11-2020)

Intervista per Rifugio Musicale (26-1-2022)

Interviste 2.0: "Non Faccio Niente" - Jam Session 2.0 (7-2-2022)

• discography (with audio links on Spotify) •

2010 - Simona Severini: La Belle Vie - My Favorite / EMI Music

2016 - Simona Severini: Futura + il Coyote - Pressing Line

2016 - Enrico Pieranunzi with Simona Severini: My Songbook - Jando Music / Via Veneto Jazz

2018 - Enrico Pieranunzi: Monsieur Claude. A Travel with Claude Debussy - Bonsaï Music

2020 - Simona Severini: Ipotesi - Startup di Luca Mattioni / Universal Music

2020 - Enrico Pieranunzi Jazz Ensemble special guests Simona Severini & Andrea Dulbecco: Time's Passage - Abeat

2022 - Simona Severini: Non faccio niente - Virgin Records

• biography •

Born in Milan, with her classical guitar training, Simona Severini has the opportunity to sing with well-known Italian musicians and composers in the field of jazz and songwriting including Pacifico, Enrico Pieranunzi (with whom she recorded albums in Italy and France and with whom she still collaborates), Giorgio Gaslini, Gabriele Mirabassi and others.
She perform in many festivals including Umbria Jazz, Paris Jazz Vocal, Spoleto Festival dei due Mondi, London Jazz Festival, XJazz! in Berlin, Cagliari Jazz EXPO, Bologna Jazz Festival, St. Moritz Jazz Festival, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Blue Note in Milan, Sunside in Paris, Teatro Grande in Brescia, Filarmonica in Trento, JazzMI at Milan Triennale.
Very young, she records her first album "La belle Vie" (MyFavoriteRecords, 2010) dedicated to Gabriel Fauré.
She forms her trio Fedra - who explores the threshold between jazz and ancient music - with which she performs at Cappella Paolina del Quirinale (broadcast live for Italian National Radio RAI Radio Tre) and in classical music festivals including Brescia Opera Festival and Trento Philharmonic.
She had experiences in Theater as a singer-performer: in 2017 she made her debut at Piccolo Teatro in Milan as Miranda in a concert-performance on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" and took part in a show staged at Maschio Angioino for Napoli Teatro Festival.
In 2016 she released "Futura / il Coyote", an EP containing the two songs recorded in Lucio Dalla's studio in Bologna. The same year she is a finalist at Musicultura.
She embarks on a solo career performing in various festivals, theaters and clubs including London Jazz Festival, XJazz! Berlin Festival, IIC in London and Oslo, Casa del Jazz in Rome, Triennale of Milan, Blue Note in Milan.
In 2019 she sings at Quirinale, in front of the Italian President who names her "Knight of the Italian Republic".
In 2020 she publishes "Ipotesi", his first solo EP; and in 2022 she sign for Virgin Records.

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