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Dudu Kouaté is born in Senegal in 1963 by a family of griots, known for being the conservators of the African cultural and musical tradition.
After his humanistic studies in his country he left for Europe. He lives in Italy where he has been teaching African percussions for many years.
He holds seminars on the history of traditional African instruments trying to trace the territorial boundaries of the populations and disseminating the African cultural tradition through tales of musical fairy tales.
From 2017 he collaborates on a permanent basis with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. With Art Ensemble of Chicago he did the European Tour in Autumn 2018, recording with them the double CD "We Are On The Edge" (PI Recordings) released on 2019.
He play with Art Ensemble of Chicago in Reggio Emilia (festival Aperto), Melbourne (Supersense Festival), Chicago Jazz Festival, Roma (auditorium Parco della Musica), Nantes, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Den Haag, Porto, Vilnius, Skopje Jazz Festival, Washington DC (Kennedy Center), Paris (Sons d'Hiver).
Multi-instrumentalist musician, plays in different musical groups and not only. He plays Afro-jazz, modern, traditional and contemporary music. The constant search for sound (sound of elements), always pushes him towards new and interesting experiences in the world of music. Recognized validator of traditional instruments and especially percussion, he managed to find their insertion within diversified musical contexts. Thanks to that, on 2019 he played at the at the Assilah International Cultural Moussem and at the Atlantic Music Expo held in Capo Verde.
In 2018 he released the album "Africation" in which Dudu plays the role assigned to him by tradition and makes him re-live in a modern and multicultural way: the songs are mainly sung in his mother tongue, Wolof, with some reference to Bambaraà phrases in French and Italian, and express an intense emotional charge also thanks to the use of new and original sounds.

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• projects as a leader/co-leader •

Moor Mother & Dudu Kouaté
Moor Mother - spoken word and Lyrics
Dudu Kouaté - african percussion, flute, djembe, pumpkins water drums

Dudu Kouaté Trio: "The Africation"
Eloisa Manera - violin and electronics
Daniela Savoldi - double bass
Dudu Kouaté - composition, vocals, african percussion, flute, djembe, pumpkins water drums

Pensieri africani
Guido Bambardieri - alto sax, soprano sax and clarinet
Dudu Kouaté - african percussion, flute, djembe, pumpkins water drums

• projects as a sideman •

The Art Ensemble of Chicago - The Sixth Decade (1969-)
A Tribute to Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman, Malachi Favors Maghostut
and their lasting contributions to "Great Black Music - Ancient to the Future"

Roscoe Mitchell - saxophones
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, congas and percussion
with guest artists:
Steed Cowart - conduction
Moor Mother - spoken word
Erina Newkirk - soprano vocals
Rudolfo Cordova Lebron - baritone vocals
Hugh Ragin - trumpet, piccolo trumpet, small bells
Nicole Mitchell - flute, bass flute and piccolo flute
William Lang - trombone
Simon Sieger - tuba and trombone
Jean Cook - violin
Eddy Kwon - viola
Tomeka Reid - cello
Abel Selaocoe - cello
Brett Carson - piano and small percussion
Silvia Bolognesi - double bass
Jaribu Shahid - double bass
Junius Paul - double bass and small percussion
Dudu Kouaté - african percussion, flute, djembe, pumpkins water drums
Enoch Williamson - congas, djembe and percussion
Babu Atiba - african drums and djembe

Famoudou Don Moye "Odyssey & Legacy Trio"
Simon Sieger - piano, trombone, tuba
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, gongs, bongos, congas and percussion
Dudu Kouaté - voice, flute, tama, djembe, percussion, pumpkins water drum

Famoudou Don Moye "Percussion & Brass Express"
Christophe Leloil - trumpet, flugelhorn
Andrew Sudhibhasilp - guitar and effects
Simon Sieger - trombone, tuba, organ
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, gongs, bongos, congas and percussion
Dudu Kouaté - voice, flute, djembe, percussion, pumpkins water drum

• video •

Video of Dudu Kouaté on YouTube

• discography •

- Africation (solo)
- We Are On The Edge - Art Ensemble of Chicago, PI Recordings
- The Gift of Togetherness - Cristiano Calcagnile Multikulti Ensemble, Caligola Record
- Suite for a Friend - Graziano Gatti Quadri Interact Quartet, U&R records

- Cherry On (Cristiano Calcagnile Multikulti Ensemble) - Caligola Records

- Pensieri Africani (Dudu Kouaté - Guido Bombardieri) - Amandla prod.

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