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AKAMU representation: European exclusivity
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As a leader/co-leader:

Silt Trio
Brian Settles - tenor sax
Luke Stewart - bass and composition
Chad Taylor - drums

Heart of the Ghost
Jarrett Gilgore - alto sax
Luke Stewart - bass
Ian McColm - drums

IQ - Irreversible Quartet
Aquiles Navarro - trumpet
Keir Neuringer - saxophone, keyboards
Luke Stewart - bass
Tcheser Holmes - drums

Luke Stewart Exposure Quintet
Ed Wilkerson Jr. - reeds
Ken Vandermark - reeds
Jim Baker - piano
Luke Stewart - bass and composition
Avreeayl Ra - drums

Luke Stewart Remembrance Quintet
Chris Williams - trumpet
Daniel Carter - reeds
Jamal Moore - reeds and percussion
Luke Stewart - bass and composition
Tcheser Holmes - drums

As a sideman:

Heroes Are Gang Leaders
Thomas Sayers Ellis - spoken word
James Brandon Lewis - tenor sax and composition
Randall Horton - spoken word
Bonita Penn - spoken word
Nettie Chickering - vocalist
Melanie Dyer - vocalist and viola
Heru Shabaka-Ra - trumpet
Devin Brahja Waldman - alto sax & synthesizer
Brandon Moses - electric guitar
Jenna Camille - vocals, piano and keyboards
Luke Stewart - electric bass
Warren Trae Crudup III - drums

The passing of Imamu Amiri Baraka in 2014 was a major loss for various facets of Black Radicalism. In politics, culture, and community, Baraka was a strong figure who was a shining example for so many to follow in his footsteps.
Formed from the love and respect of Baraka, a group of poets and musicians, led and founded by James Brandon Lewis & Thomas Sayers Ellis, have come together with a name lifted from one of Baraka's stories. The group embarked on a recording session last fall that blended poetry and music to "outishly" echoe and honor his legacy.
In the tradition of a signifying protest groove comes Heroes Are Gang Leaders. Their style has many mothers, many fathers, and nonecombining jazz, groove, black hollerin and extensions of paged and oral literary text by Gwendolyn Brooks, Bob Kaufman and Amiri Baraka.
Album "Secret Heroes R U A" (feat. Thurston Moore)

• video •

Luke Stewart of Capitol Bop and Momē captured in a glitch session at GMU. Video by Erica Benay Fallin.

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