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Art Ensemble of Chicago website

Art Ensemble of Chicago discography by Jack Lefton

"Altri dialoghi parziali" by Marcello Lorrai for Giornale della Musica (in italian, May 11th, 2011)


Interview (1 of 3) - Biography

Interview (2 of 3) - The Evolution of "Nonaah"

Interview (3 of 3) - AACM

by Ted Panken (1995)

Perfect Sound Forever by Jason Gross (1998)

answers at the questions of DJs and a sound engineer before his solo at Link, Bologna (November 1998)

by Beppe Colli (1999)

by Lazaro Vega (2000)

by Beppe Colli (2001)

by Lazaro Vega (2002)

by Fred Jung (2002)

"In Search of Super Musician by Jack Gold-Molina" (2004)

by Alexander Hawkins for BBC (2012)

Interview with Roscoe Mitchell - Resonance - Exploratorium (16-12-2013)

To schedule an interview, please contact Katie Ismael at Mills College at +1-510.430.2300 or
AKAMU - Roscoe Mitchell
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