special projects

Stefano Bollani's projects (ONLY & EXCLUSIVITY for France)

Joćo Bosco Quartet (ONLY & EXCLUSIVITY for Italy)
Joćo Bosco - vocals and guitar
Ricardo Silveira - electric guitar
Joao Baptista - bass
Kiko Freitas - drums
also available with Special Guest
Hamilton de Holanda - 10 strings mandolin

D.D. Jackson
D.D. Jackson - piano

String Trio of New York
Rob Thomas - violin
James Emery - acoustic guitar
Tony Moreno - double bass

Paul Van Kemenade - Ray Anderson - Ernst Glerum - Han Bennink
Paul Van Kemenade - alto sax
Ray Anderson - trombone
Ernst Glerum - double bass
Han Bennink - drums

Matthew Lux's Communication Arts Quartet
Ben Lamar Gay - cornet, electronics, melodica, percussion
Jayve Montgomery - tenor sax, clarinumpet, flute, samples, percussion
Matthew Lux - bass, synth, electric guitar, chirimia, percussion
Mikel Patrick Avery - drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, mellotron

Gabriele Mitelli & Rob Mazurek: "Star Splitter"
Gabriele Mitelli - cornet, saxophone, electronics, voice
Rob Mazurek - piccolo trumpet, electronics, voice

Jason Robinson's Janus Ensemble: "Tiresian Simmetry" and "Resonant Geographies"
Jason Robinson - tenor and soprano saxes, alto flute
JD Parran - clarinets, contrabass clarinet, tenor sax and flutes
Oscar Noriega - Bb and bass clarinets, alto sax
Marty Ehrlich - alto sax, bass clarinet and flute
Michael Dessen - trombone
Bill Lowe - tuba and bass trombone
Marcus Rojas - tuba
Liberty Ellman - guitar
Drew Gress - double bass
George Schuller - drums
Ches Smith - drums and glockenspiel
AKAMU - special projects
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